Rejuvenation Therapy in San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua


From our clinic on the wonderful pacific coast in the beautiful town of san Juan del sur/Nicaragua we offer:

A unique non-invasive, anti-aging and immune system regenerating therapy.

Promoting and improving physical wellbeing, cerebral function, and mental cognition.

Consisting of six interactive sub-therapies as follows:

  • Stem-cell application
  • Auto-immune-vaccine
  • A special alkaline health diet
  • A combination of antibacterial, antiparacitic, antivirus anti-fungus, anti-tumor mixture including naturopathic medicine elements
  • The application of bio-electricity treatments (when there are tumors or longstanding painful-accident remnants with leasions (chronic inflammation) in neck lower back (lumbago) knee, hip, shoulder-arm area)
  • Recommendation of a special movement, thinking and breathing therapy

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Dr. Julius Hellenthal MD

Stem-cells have the ability to revive the affected tissues (for instance after an infarct (heart) or stroke or leg ,- hip – foot – spinal- cord-accident or after an inflammatory disease) so for instance about 70% of the scars in the heart muscle after a heart attack are being restored to muscle !!!

Stem-cells regenerate your blood vessels and high blood pressure is overcome. they might be used to improve mental and physical abilities in young children to prepare them for best studies or even optimal physical development.

Stem-cells are useful in reversing tissue- damage after operations, particularly after ” failed ” surgery, and are also useful in improving your visual hearing and smelling capacities.

Stem-cells improve attention deficit syndrome, autism, anorexia,
bullimia, chronic depressions, motion sickness, schizophrenia (nearly all kind of different ailments) (parkinson, alzheimer, degenerative disc disease) loss of hair, ringing in the ear, chronic constipation, hemorrhoids and much more.

The combination of antibacterial, antiparacitic, antivirus anti-fungus, anti-tumor mixture which also includes naturopathic medicine elements.

“Finally, the highest quality of life is achievable, no alzheimer’s, no arteriosclerosis, no heart attack, no headaches, no strokes, no backache no malignant tumors, to simply be hardy and both physically and mentally fit to the good finish, with the help of stem-cells, long term-antibiosis, vitamins, trace elements, nutritional and life-style adjustments, vaccines and immunomodulation’s”.

The main condition for a long and healthy life is a good immune system to defend us against bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites, and environmental toxins, and a minimal rate of infection (including as low as possible duration of exposure) with the above.

Simultaneously, the body’s own immune system must be invigorated, making vitamins necessary. For example, a daily dose of 3 grams (!) of vitamin C – not the previously recommended dose of 75mg, or even the tripling of that dose to 225mg as recently suggested by the German Society for Nutrition Sciences, and not in a single dose of a powdery form, as vitamin C is quickly eliminated (within 10-30 minutes) when not taken in a time-depot form; vitamin E: 500 international units.

Did You Know?

  • Did you know that vitamin E will lose its antioxidant or free radical effect within 40 minutes of consumption if not bolstered by vitamin C?
  • Did you know that in experiments with animals a combination of vitamin E and C prolonged life by 56 %?
  • Did you know that experiments with animals show that life can be
    prolonged by 40 % just by not taking in further nutrition after 12 o’clock
  • Did you know that low-level hyper oxygenic exercise – the opposite would be oxygen deficit – can increase the oxygen supply to the brain by up to 100%; and that cerebral circulation is not a constant, as was taught in medical textbooks as late as 1993?
  • Did you know that, without great financial expense, cerebral arteriosclerosis can be a) prevented, b) largely reversed by growing new vessels; and that degeneration of the neuronal network, the synaptic connections of individual cerebral nerve cells and the cause of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, can easily be turned back by 12 years (as is visible under a microscope).
  • Did you know that smokers reduce their life expectancies by a statistical
    average of 22 years, even considering that passive smokers are also included in statistical averages?

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